About Us: Philosophy


Our passion is focusing on your future – because both your business and personal success make us proud of our daily achievements. We contribute significantly to the development of your prospects with our competencies and professional expertise in Financial Technology, Asset Management, Fiduciary and Tax Optimisation.

Since the 2015 establishment of Pandora Capital in Dubline, Ireland our family and team support our customers and clients, strengthening them with knowledge, energy and a global network. From day one our company was guided by three important policies:

Safety over Profit

We believe in aiming for a sustainable and long-term partnership. That’s why the stability of our clients is the fundamental pillar of our business activities. From this basis, we are able to develop solutions that are custom-tailored to the capabilities and requirements of the individual enterprise or individuals behind them. Such solutions lead to economic success and can even improve this factor.

This includes all services relevant to founding an on- or offshore company, risk management and asset protection of investments, financial technology, on to algorithmic trading solutions.

«It is not a matter of correctly predicting the future, but of being prepared for it.»
«It is not a matter of correctly predicting the future, but of being prepared for it.» Perikles

We are service providers. Absolutely.

We are available with products, services and answers to any questions our customers have in relevance to economy, assets management or asset protection. Our proximity to the ethical values of the Western World plays a significant role in how we do business and engage with our partners. As a result, we honour the primal form of agreement – the handshake – as an element that still holds substantial value. We always communicate at eye level with our dialogue partners.

Even if the times change and in turn the economic or personal situations, chances, opportunities or goals, they can count on us for support. You can rely on us in difficult situations, times of regulatory change and for support in structuring tomorrow – for a secure future.

Progress by Tradition

While time marches on, standards are undergoing change and new technical developments are being driven, consequently creating the basis for innovations in the short-term, which promptly require optimisation. Our innovative products and solutions keep pace with this constant progression. Intelligent, permanently upgraded mathematic models support our experts in the financial sectors, anticipate change and establish risk monitoring and new analytical options.

We rely on state-of-the-art technical equipment to protect the wealth and possessions of our customers. There are even continuous customer-driven innovations, which guarantee constant monitoring and transparency about the structure and status of your assets.

We look forward to hearing from you and the opportunity to personally introduce ourselves and our team. If you prefer, you can request that we call you at a time of your convenience.

«Look forward to your future – we'll prepare you well!»
«Look forward to your future – we’ll prepare you well!»