1. I have a consistent strategy, could you write an algorithm for me?

Whereas Pandora Capital’s main service, we generally program algorithms for fund and asset management firms; however, if you can provide a track record of said strategy, we are happy to sit down and discuss the possibilities.

2. Do your algorithms work in different market conditions?

Definitely yes – even though algorithms trade automatically, the parameters have to be set by the portfolio managers – this is also one of the reasons why we work with professionals. The host needs to be familiar with all the parameters that an algorithms has, and adapt these to different market conditions.

3. How many parameters do your algorithms have?

The answer depends on several variables, but generally parameters can range from anything between 10 to thousands of parameters depending on the strategy.


4. I am an individual, and I have seen the results of your algorithms – is there a way for me to invest?

Due to such requests, we have developed several ways to make this possible. For sophisticated investors, the Pandora Capital Hedge Fund (Hyperlink to “Hedge Fund”) is the most suitable option; whereas for investors who qualify as retail clients may opt for one of the regulated asset management firms we work with.


5. I have found one of Pandora Capital’s algorithms and I am happy with the past results, can you manage my account?

No – due to regulatory restrictions, Pandora Capital Ltd does not offer managed accounts – if you are able to point out the algorithm you are interested in, we are happy to put you in touch with the regulated asset management firm or hedge fund that is using our algorithm.


6. I want to have an offshore company incorporated in Belize, can you set this up for me?

Yes – however we recommend you first consult us with your needs. Even though we can set up a company in Belize, it may be more suitable for you to set up a company in the Cook Islands or another offshore jurisdiction depending on the purpose of the company. Overall we are able to set you up in any offshore jurisdiction around the world.