Asset Management

Asset Management

The management of assets of any type is tradition at Pandora Capital. Our innovative investment methods have a long history of success and are continuously improved by our experts according to economic aspects and the current market, and adapted to comply with applicable tax laws.
As our partner, you profit from a professional and seamless investment concept – while maintaining full control of your individual portfolio.

  • Performance monitoring
  • Active depot support
  • Flexibility
  • Transparency
«Safety through knowledge.»
«Safety through knowledge.»

Asset Generation, Consolidation and Structuring

To supplement our innovative financial solutions, we offer products that are suitable for alternative capital preservation or for asset restructuring. In this category, our products are always designed to ensure gradual but continuous asset growth.

  • High Value Stability
  • Physical Investment
  • Less risk than exclusive financial products
  • Flexible and Convertible

Real Estate – The Living Investment

Due to European-wide partner networks in the real estate sector, Pandora Capital has exclusive access to highly attractive objects in the private and tourism segments. Consequently, our customers profit from several aspects:

  • Availability of exclusive holiday apartments in popular regions
  • Up to 365 days dedicated holiday rental subletting rights
  • Registered property
  • Above average return opportunities

Gold – valued for years, more valuable than ever before

Precious metals and even precious gemstones have an increasingly higher value. The growing awareness of highly limited resources plays only a small part in price increases.

Pandora Capital offers through an affiliate the sale of rare resources storage in a high-security facility Switzerland in leasable safety deposit boxes Contact us or request a return call from our company – we would also be pleased to schedule a personal appointment with you.

For assets mandated by Pandora Capital, our staff members are available to answer your questions and handle your requests at all times. We would be happy to inform you about our services and additional international investment products and tools for your capital success in a personal introductory meeting in our offices in Dublin, or at our sister company in Zurich, Switzerland.